Spreading the Word

At heart, I am a bit of a preacher. When I come across a way of thinking or a way of doing things that clicks for me and makes my life easier in some way, I feel compelled to tell others about it, sometimes to the annoyance of friends. I’d probably make an awesome Jehova’s Witness.

For the most part, my friends and family have responded positively and with curiosity to the paleo lifestyle. It certainly is different and simpler than all those diets floating out there. A few of them have adopted the lifestyle in earnest and are having great results, which is great to see.

I have a couple of friends who enjoy sitting in the pub for six hours or more, drinking beer on weekends. For the most part, they see the wisdom in paleo food choices, but there are some things like beer and pasta that they are not ready to give up yet. Thankfully they also enjoy getting outside and hiking around in one of the many urban parks we have, or in the Rockies which are just an hour away.

A few weeks ago, when the rivers were still mostly frozen-over, we all went out for a hike. We found the paths in one direction closed for maintenance, so we headed back the other way. But when we passed close to the river, my inner caveman took control and, full of curiosity, I stepped off the path and approached the river. It was flowing, with some large frozen spots, and there were a lot of small and medium sized rocks along the bank.

It turned out that the three of us had a great time doing nothing more than picking up those stones and chucking them as far as we could, trying to break up the ice patches with them, testing the strength of the ice under our feet (with safety in mind), and just playing. We didn’t need any alcohol, any loud music, nor any television. Our minds and bodies were engaged simultaneously. I was very pleasantly surprised when they told me how much fun they had.

Life before civilization certainly wasn’t boring. No two days were the same, and no two places were the same. What is boring is the typical city street, our houses, our offices, and all the rest of the utilitarian, mechanical spaces we find ourselves in every day. But I’m sure the parkour enthusiasts would heartily disagree with that! Maybe I’ll try climbing a carefully pruned municipal tree and enjoy the strange looks I will get.


One Response to “Spreading the Word”

  1. MizFit Says:

    loved your comment today.

    thanks so much for stopping by…

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