Who am I? What is this?

My name is Evan Eckstein and I’m a 29-year-old modern man enjoying the rediscovery of his paleolithic self. This blog chronicles my ascent to my own peak physical condition and my harmonization with the universe.

Why “Primal Child?”

I use the word “primal” with the semantic flavour that Mark Sisson uses in his Primal Blueprint, which I strongly encourage you to check out at his site, Mark’s Daily Apple. Primal refers to the original state of modern humans, when we were hunter-gatherers 40,000 years ago, long before the advent of agriculture. We have outpaced ourselves in technology and society; we are still physically Stone Age people, living in a high-tech world that is at odds with our primal nature. I’ve heard the primal call. I like it, and I follow it.

I have always been a child at heart, and I suspect most of us are. I heard long ago that, taking into account the different rates for the different cells in the human body, the average life span of a cell in the body is seven years. So every seven years, you have more or less a new body. Whether that is true or not, I accept it in a spiritual way. Seven years old is where I want to be, in terms of  my energy level, my mental acuity, my bravery, my curiosity, my attachment, my sense of wonder and my gauge of possibility about the universe.

“Primal child,” I feel, paints a good picture of my current fitness and lifestyle goals.


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